Blog · January 4, 2015

Ian Ziering Playing for the EBMRF on Celebrity Apprentice

ian-ziering-768Ian Ziering has my full cheering section support in my house as he plays to raise money for the EBMRF on the Celebrity Apprentice, premiering tonight on NBC. The EBMRF stands for “Epidermolysis Bullosa Medical Research Foundation” (website here:

The EBMRF and their fundraising efforts are behind the research for a cure that have been going on at Stanford for as long as my son has been alive, and of which clinical trials have started which Nicky will be participating in. If there is hope for Nicky, it is because of the EBMRF. I have no doubt about it.

The amazing thing about this foundation is that from its establishment, it pays no salaries. All work, including executive, development and administrative, is done on a volunteer basis. It is the goal of the Foundation to keep operating costs at less than 1% of incoming donations so that a full 99% of contributions can go directly to research programs.

I ran across this video of Ian Ziering talking Epidermolysis Bullosa and at the end of the interview I teared up. To have a celebrity say that he feels like he’s a winner just because he was able to mention EB in an interview means more to me than words can say.

God Speed-let’s get EB cured and let’s end the suffering!!!

Love and Light,