Blog · January 17, 2017

Creating Joy

This past holiday season I was in a truly morose mood, but just this past week I talked to someone that gave me a heads up… how we are the creators of our own joy. “You are the one that has to create joy in your life” he said, and then followed them with examples… trips, events and the like.

I had to think about that for a moment, a day, a week.

I’ve always been the one that creates “moments” in my family’s life, but it’s difficult to think of “fun” things to do with my son. He never wants to go anywhere because it’s so hard or it’s too hot and It’s difficult to create moments when the only thing that comes to mind is an amusement park, or a museum or a national park, which means lots of walking, traveling great distances and many transfers which NIcky hates. Besides, Nicky does not have much fun in these places. Nicky’s not into sports and he hates loud music, so a sport or concert is out of the question. Yes, I can take him to the movies every now and again, but it has to be a movie he wants to see… luckily there is one coming up that both Nicky & Connor are eager to see, called “A Dog’s Purpose“, so we’ll go see that for sure. Besides that I was at a loss.

This weekend, however, we were fortunate enough to attend a fundraiser called ROCK4EB for the EBMRF (Epidermolysis Bullosa Medical Research Foundation and I was reminded how life can be joyous if only we think outside of the box. Whoever thought in a million years I would meet Brad Pitt? Not me. Never in my wildest dreams. I shook his hand and thanked him for supporting research for a cure and he took my hand in both of his and made my day, my month, my year, my decade.

Nicky was so excited to be treated with such love and respect by these famous people that I told him we live close enough to Hollywood to attend taping of TV shows. Not a long drive, free tickets and wheelchair access with a fun time to be had. I already requested tickets to see Ellen, America’s Got Talent & others (fingers crossed we get in!) and we are all set to go see a taping of “Young & Hungry” which is a show Nicky loves on January 27th. Nicky is excited and looking forward to it. I am keeping an eye out for other shows as well, picking shows Nicky enjoys.

What else can I do to make Nicky’s life more joyous? I am still thinking… but if anyone has any ideas, please let me know!

Love & Light,