Blog · August 31, 2015

Where to get the Best Deals for my Books! know everyone likes Amazon, but if you knew how big of a cut they get, you’d be surprised! Hence, unless you’re downloading the eBooks for the Kindle, the best deals can be found directly from the publisher.

So, here’s the scoop on the best deals for my books!


Kindle is the way to go for my eBooks!

Living with Epidermolysis Bullosa & Special Mommy Chronicles are only $2.99!!

Losing Alex is also $2.99 and for Prime Members you can borrow it for FREE! This is because it’s an Amazon exclusive! I also like to give this title away from time to time. Thousands of people have downloaded it for free since its release. I like to pay it forward and I know this is the one that most women that lost children can relate to.

Butterfly Child-what can I say. This is my puppy. It took me 20 years to write. I still think it’s a bargain at $7.99 for the Kindle. Since I have no control over the Amazon price for this eBook title (as I have for the other 3), the price could fluctuate, but $7.99 is the cheapest I’ve found. Everywhere else is higher.


By far, the best deals for the paperbacks are from the Publisher (Lulu). The longer (more pages) the book is, the more expensive it is to print, hence the price difference between the books. Butterfly Child is over 425 pages. It’s a thick book. I even changed the formatting to make it thinner, which shaved off 75 pages without deleting a single word. Honestly, I tried!

Please Note!!!
You can save EVEN MORE by using Coupon Codes for Lulu, found at the following websites: &

Butterfly Child at Lulu is only $14.97, compared to $24.99 elsewhere.

Living with Epidermolysis Bullosa is only $8.99, compared to $14.99 elsewhere

Special Mommy Chronicles is only $10.19, compared to $16.99 elsewhere

Losing Alex, which is roughly the first few chapters of Butterfly Child, is the same price everywhere. So, it does not matter wether you purchase it at Amazon or Lulu for that one, it’s $6.99 everywhere.


I do use my books to Inspire and Educate others about Epidermolysis Bullosa, and they help me offset the cost of the server and domain for the website and it’s also my way to fundraise for things needed for my son Nicky. There is a ton of stuff that Nicky needs that is not covered by insurance, such as diapers & Miralax, not to count the insane copays I have to fork over every month ($hundreds a month).

So, by purchasing my books, you’re helping us taking care of Nicky.

For that, I thank you!

Love and Light,