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Nicky’s Life Part 34

August 2007 – Nicky was 10 years old in this picture playing in the fancy fountains with Connor (almost 3) in front of the Royal Palace and Palazzo Madama of Turin, Italy. It was an unforgettable trip we took to celebrate my parent’s 50th anniversary. I saved money for years to make sure I could afford to go, it was mega-important to me. On this particular day we took Nicky to the Egyptian Museum and toured Palazzo Madama as well as taking some photos in front of the original 2000 years old Roman Empire entrance to the city which still has the statues standing and in good condition. Not many tourists know about Turin, so it’s never overly crowded like Venice, Florence or Rome.

Nicky was in awe of everything. He loves Italy. I am currently saving every penny so I can take the boys again this summer. It’s going to be a particularly expensive trip, but it’s very important for me to make sure Nicky sees his grandparents again. While at this time both Nicky and my parents are doing good, I know only too well things could turn on a dime. My dad is 85 and my mom is 79 years old. And, of course, every day with Nicky is precious, so I must make these memories before it’s too late.

More of Nicky’s story in the book… Thank you so much for your support!!

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