Blog · September 2, 2016

Living in Fear?

It seems to me that every time I turn on the news lately there is someone telling me I should fear something. I ought to fear this, be angry at that and hate the other. I also noticed that the people that buy into this way of thinking are extremely depressed, suffer from anxiety or are somewhat… how shall I say this? A bit egotistical. Everyone is out to “get them”.

Just this morning I read the news of a 16 year old boy with RDEB like Nicky that passed away. Let me tell you something. It would take a LOT for me to take the advice of a newscast full of notions of fear, anger and hatred, when the scariest thing that could ever happen to me is staring in my face day in and day out. I refuse this notion. If there is anything that my children have taught me, namely Alex’s death and Nicky’s condition, is that I should not live in fear, but live in love. I want to love, I want to laugh, the last thing I want to do is be angry and hate anything. Oh, I hate EB, don’t get me wrong, but I love, love, love my children. Love needs to triumph because tomorrow is not promised.

I read a book not long ago from a woman who fought cancer every step of the way and her words of inspiration are still with me because they were so powerful. She stated very eloquently how she was not going to live in fear. People conquered cancer every day. Yes, people died of cancer every day too, but people also died in car crashes, heart attacks, or from crazy gunmen. We have no idea when our last day will be, but that we should enjoy every day that we are here. She stated how there is validity to gratitude journals, positive thinking and the power of faith and hope.


I wholeheartedly agree. Can you imagine what this world would be like with more love and hope instead of anger and fear?

There is a famous quote from Maya Angelou that states:
“Hate, it has caused a lot of problems in the world, but has not solved one yet.”

I truly wish this notion of rejecting fear would go viral. I’ve had enough of fear tactics, why can’t we all learn to live together, be kind to one another, help the needy, care, really care about our brothers and sisters? It has nothing to do with being a bleeding heart or “kumbaya”, it all has to do with becoming better human beings. It has nothing to with being naive or unrealistic, it’s a picture of a warm, cozy community without conflict. Oh… how nice that would be.

I know I won’t see this in his lifetime, but.. maybe next?

Love & Light,