Blog · December 18, 2018

Is that Time of the Year Again…

Is that time of the year again… the time filled with Christmas songs and glittery trees. It’s a time to be hopeful, to enjoy, to be more open and loving.

I asked my mom the other day if she put the Christmas tree up yet… she said the time for the Tree or the “Presepio” in her house is over. Boo. If I was in Italy I would put it up for her as I did when I was a kid.

The “Presepio” (Nativity Scene) was one of my favorite things to put up, she had a set that was so unique I never found a similar one to buy for myself. It was composed of the usual culprits, the nativity scene itself, filled with the mages and their camels, but there were many trees, houses, villagers, grass and sky to put around it. It was all made of plastic and the “people” were similar to plastic little soldiers. My parents most likely bought this extensive set sometime in the 1960s I presume.

The closest thing I found is a “Christmas Village” made of ceramics from a company called “Lemax” which I normally buy at Michaels. Every year I would buy one piece and I started doing this the year Nicky was born, so I have a lot of pieces since Nicky is 22! I have so many pieces in fact that I can’t fit them all so every year I pick and choose which ones to display. I also started buying their Halloween counterparts for the Halloween village, which is basically a cemetery, LMAO. Creepy and cool at the same time. Over the years I also collected the ornaments/village pieces for “It’s a Wonderful Life” and I have so many of those as well that last year I only put out that village instead of the Lemax one.

My first purchase was this cute set, which I bought on Nicky’s first Christmas.

Our Christmas tree isn’t one of those themed trees-yes, I do only buy white and red lights and white, gold and red ball ornaments and streams, but the ornaments are varied and full of memories. From the “Baby’s First” to pictures of loved ones who passed, from memories of our trip to Alaska to a favorite cartoon, they are all reminders of Christmas Past. When the boys were small they would each carefully chose an ornament as well for that year. Now they couldn’t care less (LOL), but I do have a small Christmas tree next to Nicky with all his “Mario” ornaments with bright colorful lights. He really likes it.

We also have a tradition in our family in which either everybody or just the boys open a present on Christmas Eve.
Spoiler Alert: for Connor it’s always pajamas! He wears them to bed and to open presents in the morning.

My wishes for Christmas for Nicky are always the same. I am tired to fight for services and with the insurance companies, and I wish people would know how hard these trials really are. As if that’s not enough, we are in the middle of a battle to keep healthcare for our children. It seems as if “Pre-Existing” conditions are always an afterthought to most people. We are almost in a hostile environment. I hate it.

But I know hate doesn’t solve anything, all I can do is keep positive and try my hardest to make ourselves heard.

Nicky would be the first one to say that on some days his own trials with EB are worth it just to hear another person say “If Nicky can do it, so can I”.

Nicky can truly be a gift and even a miracle for someone, a living proof there there is always hope.

Much Love and Merry Christmas!

Love Always,