Blog · February 8, 2017

Inner Strength

Nicky’s inner strength is something I deeply admire. There are times that he still surprises me with his wit, the way he thinks and the way he handles things. He’s such a loving, deeply interesting boy for those that care enough and are lucky enough to get to know him.

He suffers greatly as well though, and that fact can never be ignored.

I took the following pictures this past month to give everyone a small glimpse of what his skin looks like under the bandages. He’s part of the SD -101 cream trial ( so if you think his wounds look better, it’s because they do.

This is his right arm. It’s looking fantastic.
I know, I know, it still looks painful, but considering how it looked like before, say a year ago, there is a big difference.

This is his lower back. This area is harder to wrap because of its location, but even here we see a big improvement.

This is his left knee. From the red area, you can tell how big this wound was. As a matter of fact, this knee (both knees actually) hadn’t healed in 10 years. Now it goes through cycles of blistering and healing, but it does heal eventually, even if only for a short period of time.

Nicky is really happy with the results, all things considered. This is not a miracle cream by any stretch of the imagination, but it does heal things, even if slow, where nothing else has worked before. Nicky feels that with this we have at least some sort of “control”, which is what we need in a situation where the lack of control dominates our lives.

I will continue to research methods, oils, trials and anything else, as I must because Nicky needs me to be strong and persevere to give him strength. Often times I know I end up acting like his buffer for what lies ahead in his life, yet I know strength is the best gift I can give him.

In the past 20 years I had to trust my instincts and my intuition and think outside of the box more times than I care to remember and if Nicky’s doing as well as he is mentally is because I don’t give up and I never will and I tell him that often.

Hope is huge, it helps us moving forward, and if it’s wrong to hope, then so be it.

Love & Light,