Blog / What I'm Into · November 14, 2018

What I’m Into {October/November 2018 Edition}

What I am watching

I truly love the saga of Ross Poldark, now in its 4th season on PBS (Masterpiece). Aiden Turner in the lead role is quite the eye candy to boot! The show takes the story from a series of 12 books written by Winston Graham. Set in Cornwall, England, at the end of the 18th century, this show has it all. Romance, Betrayal, Jealousy, Wars, Intrigue, Politics… and the center of it all is our dashing hero. He’s the kind of man who knows good from evil, the kind of man who will always try to do the right thing. By his side is beautiful and fiery wife Demelza, whose big heart complements Ross’ quite well. If you haven’t watched it, I highly recommend it. It is my mom’s favorite show of all time! All 4 seasons are now available on Amazon Prime!

Also on PBS Masterpiece, I had recorded the 3 episodes of The Miniaturist that aired in September and then I watched them back to back a few weeks ago. A lot of times I tape shows that I find interesting and after the whole series aired I watch the first episode – if it doesn’t grab me I delete the whole series that I taped, but not this one! I was at the edge of my seat the entire time! I honestly had no idea what was happening next! Based on a book by the same title, the show is set in Amsterdam in the 17th century. Nella agrees to marry Johannes Brandt to alleviate her family’s debts. Shortly after arriving to her new house, her husband gives her a cabinet-sized replica of their house as a wedding gift. Wanting to fill it, she orders miniatures to fill it, but the miniatures keep coming, seemingly predicting the future and the lies that fill the house.

Also from a book by the same title, Sharp Objects was a contained 8 episode series that aired on HBO in late summer and tells the story of Camille Preaker, a journalist that comes back home to investigate and write a series of articles about two murders in her hometown. Camille has her own demons that she drowns with alcohol, but her family is not so innocent either. I found this show very well done and even a little addicting… don’t miss the very final scene, the one that is hiding after the end titles of the last episode start…

What I am Reading

This is not a new book, as it was published in 1997, but it holds up quite well, and it reminds us all how things may change, but certain things never do. I am old enough that I used to read Ann Landers’ column in the newspapers once I moved to the US in the early 80s, so when I saw this book at the thrift store I immediately grabbed it!

I love shopping at the various thrift stores for books BTW, every month I visit them all looking for books, which range in price between 0.99c & $2.99 at the most! Near me are a couple of Goodwill stores, a Salvation Army store and an “American Way” thrift store which benefits the blind and it’s totally amazing and HUGE! I normally spend a good half an hour just looking at all the titles, they have so many!

I’ve only just started reading this book and I am already hooked. She’s clever and funny and on point. She wrote her column for over 50 years, so she certainly has a lot of material that she could choose from. I gotta say, some things are just “OMG, really”? Then I remember that all of this was before the Internet. Still… a treasure to behold.

Love & Light,