Blog / What I'm Into · November 13, 2019

What I’m Into {Fall 2019 Edition}

What I am watching

Le Miserables on PBS

I’ve always wanted to watch “Le Miserables”, but that whole musical adaptation thing… I just could not watch it. I tried, trust me, but I could not do it. I guess because I grew up with musicals being ‘happy and fun’ stories, a musical of a sad tale… it just doesn’t work for me. So… when I heard of this new adaptation that was not a musical… YES! I taped it when it aired on PBS while I was stuck at the hospital with Nicky back in June and I finally watched it a couple of months ago and… I LOVED IT!!!! OMG. Lily Collins kills it. Five Stars!!

Black Mirror

I heard about Black Mirror on Netflix so much that when I was stuck in the hospital with Nicky I decided to give it a GO. All I can say is WOW WOW WOW. Each episode is a story in itself and is a literal mindf**k. Think “Twilight Zone” set in some dystopian possible future. After each episode I was left in a daze. And what to say about the movie Black Mirror Bandersnatch? I guarantee you you’ve NEVER seen a movie like this… reminds me of the movie BIG with Tom Hanks, where they wanted to create a comic book where the user decided the end! Yes, it’s like that. You decide the end. Or… do you? A must see.

The Dead Files

A friend of mine suggested for me to watch The Dead Files on the Travel Channel simply because I’m a fan of the paranormal. Well, “fan” is not the right word. Let’s say I am intrigued. I’ve had too many experiences myself to discard the paranormal as a hoax, I KNOW it’s real, so I just want to learn more. Imagine my surprise when I found out that I had 12 seasons to catch up with!! Needless to say I watched an episode every day for the past few months, LOL. I think I am all caught up, but, who knows? I might have missed an episode here and there.
For starters I am just in awe at Amy’s talent. The fact that she and Steve don’t compare notes until the end is mind blowing. It also makes me think that other shows, like Ghost Hunters, for example, who never find ANYTHING, should employ a medium or do at the very least some research on the property. Do I think this show is over-dramatized? Perhaps. But it’s still a quite interesting watch. Thumbs up!

What I am Reading

I first saw Kim Russo on the TV show The Hunting Of… and it intrigued me a lot following my “awakening” of sort that I went through after I read the books by Brian Weiss. I heard the audiobook for this one while I walked in the morning and it was very interesting. She’s the real deal and she doesn’t shy away on how her gift relates to her faith, and also from other beliefs such as astrology and numerology. Nothing is a coincidence. Everything happens for a reason. Our childhood matters and our loved ones are always there for us. We all have a purpose, even when we think our life is a mess, there is always a lesson behind it.

Love & Light,