Blog / What I'm Into · January 10, 2020

What I’m Into {Winter 2019/2020 Edition}

What I am watching

The Handmaid’s Tale

When they announced “The Handmaid’s Tale” on Hulu a few years ago, I wasn’t going to watch it. I had watched the movie long ago and it pretty much disgusted and troubled me, so I said “No way”. However, with the critical acclaim and the suggestions from friends, I went ahead and got the DVDs via Netflix when they became available and… well… WOW. Yes, the story is still troubling and disgusting, possibly even more so than the movie, but Elizabeth Moss is so compelling, one cannot take their eyes off her. Because this is a series instead of a 2 hour movie, we get introduced to a lot more characters, the backstory of how Gilead came to be is disturbing as well, knowing that WOMEN were complicit in this. I know many think that this will never happen, but I beg to differ. In El Salvador, for example, all abortions are illegal. Women who have been raped and try to have an abortion have been sentenced to 40 years in prison. There are examples of teenage women being handcuffed by police while bleeding on hospital floors. The author, Atwood, has pointed out time and time again, that every aspect of Gilead’s culture has really happened at some point in history, somewhere in the world. If this show serves for entertainment, it also, very much serves for a giant wake up call. Five Stars!!

Escape at Dannemora

I never heard of this show, “Escape at Dannemora“, until Patricia Arquette won the Emmy for best actress for it a few months ago. I have to fess up. I LOVE Patricia Arquette. I don’t follow her career too closely and I am not one of those fans that watches everything she does. However, I admire her, and even met her at an EB fundraiser several years ago. I mean, she supports EB! Thumbs up just for that! So, when she won the Emmy I had to look up he show. Thankfully it was available on demand! She does not look particularly good in this show, but she was made to look like the “real” person she portrayed, and I must say they did an amazing job! I got so close to these characters while binging on the show that I kept thinking about them and wanting to see more of them. Benicio Del Toro is fantastic. A must see.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Ohhh… The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel! This show is a feast for the eyes! You can watch it just for the fashion, the laughs and the colors! I must admit, after watching the first season, even though I liked it, I wasn’t too much of a fan just for the fact that the she seemed to dump off her kids with the grandparents all the time, including her newborn daughter. I mean, what? You guys know how much of a MOM I am. I spent the first 3 months of Connor’s life breastfeeding him on the couch. But season 2 & 3 which I just binged on, redeemed her. It’s a show. I get it. Plus, they finally showed the dad being much more involved, in other words, the kids were with their parents a lot more than they were with a nanny, housekeeper or the grandparents and they showed them a lot more too! Thank you producers! The actress that portrays Mrs Maisel, Rachel Brosnahan, is just fantastic. Truly, I like the whole cast, really, it’s simply a lot of FUN.
Thumbs up!

What I am Reading

I am an avid reader of any book that involves the paranormal or the afterlife etcetera, so this one was a no brainer since it was a #1 New York Times best seller.
Proof of Heaven” tells the story of how Dr. Eben Alexander had one of these journeys into the Afterlife. He was a skeptic and before his experience he even stated that near death experiences were simply fantasies produced by brains under extreme stress. However, after his experience, he had to re-evaluate his beliefs. This is not a religious book, it’s a spiritual book, and it shows to me once again how the world that we see is not the whole world that is. There is so much we don’t know, we have so much to learn.

Love & Light,