September 2014 We had quite an encounter with Orlando Bloom at the ROCK4EB Fundraiser in Malibu. We had a 10 minute chat.. He rubbed my shoulder and told me I was a brave woman. Mind Blown!! Then he took a photo with Nicky. A short video of the encounter here: More in the book –>   Post Views: 1,366Read More →

This past holiday season I was in a truly morose mood, but just this past week I talked to someone that gave me a heads up… how we are the creators of our own joy. “You are the one that has to create joy in your life” he said, and then followed them with examples… trips, events and the like. I had to think about that for a moment, a day, a week. I’ve always been the one that creates “moments” in my family’s life, but it’s difficult to think of “fun” things to do with my son. He never wants to go anywhere because it’s so hard or it’s too hot and It’s difficult to create moments when the only thing that comes to mind is an amusement park, or a museum or a national park, which means lots of walking, traveling great distances and many transfers which NIcky hates. Besides, NickyRead More →