Blog / Silvia's Blog Quotes · January 12, 2018

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Even with all this evidence on how much my wrapping is working, they are STILL telling me I wrap Nicky too much. I swear, it will never end. Isn’t prevention key?

My job is to keep my head above water for Nicky’s sake, which can be an unsurmountable task at times.

 God can and will give you more than you can handle, it’s up to us to decide what can wait and what cannot.

Last night I came THIS CLOSE at crying myself to sleep. I simply don’t understand why the people I love the most must be in pain and struggle the hardest. I will never get it, and God better have an answer for me when I come through those pearly gates!

No matter what happens in my life, I’ve always kept those rose sunglasses handy, I’ve always enjoyed finding the silver lining into everything, no matter how dark and deep, but at times the doom seems like a bottomless pit.

Tough times reveal who really cares about you. The people who really love you will always be there for you and will always understand you.