Blog / What I'm Into · March 14, 2019

What I’m Into {February/March 2019 Edition}

What I am watching

Let’s face it. There aren’t many historical shows that take place in my beloved Italy, so when I heard about the “MEDICI” on Netflix, I was all over it.
Season 1 had the further intrigue of starring Dustin Hoffman and Richard Madden. Season 2 jumps a couple of generations. While season 1 told the story of Cosimo de Medici (Madden), season 2 revolves around his grandson, the famous Lorenzo il Magnifico, played handsomely by Daniel Sharman. I truly enjoyed the show, and to learn history this way has always been my favorite mode. I’ve often said that the way they teach history in school is the most boring way ever, and now what happened in the Duomo in the season finale, will forever be etched in my soul. It was filmed in the same place where it happened 500 years ago. How cool is that? Five stars!

It started kinda casually. I asked my aunt what she was watching lately and she told me she really loved this show “When Calls the Heart” on Netflix. How she watched one episode a night. I watched one episode and thought to myself “This looks like one of those movies on the Hallmark channel”… so, imagine my surprise “I knew it!!” when I found out it was indeed a Hallmark show! When I described it to my mom I told her: “Think of a modern take of Little House on the Prairie”, without knowing that this show is produced by the son of Michael Landon! Besides, it also stars Jack Wagner, one of my favorite actors. I am now up to season 4. I love it. I watch anywhere between 1-3 episodes a day, depending on how much time I have. I love Elizabeth so much! Season 6 is airing right now on the Hallmark channel, so I am DVRing it so I have it ready to watch once I am done watching all the the shows available on Netflix. Thumbs up!

What I am Reading

I finally broke down and started reading the next book in the Outlander saga! This will be the book Season 5, which hasn’t even started filming yet, will be based on. Since it takes a good year for me to finish a single one of these gigantic books, I thought I better get started. This is one of only two books that I have had autographed by Diana Gabaldon when I met her in 2015, so it’s a special one for me. I don’t know when Season 5 will air, my guess is sometime in Spring 2020, but at least I know I will be done and ready to “see it” by then. I hope. 
For some reason I truly love knowing in advance what happens to Jamie and Claire and having the “inside scoop” of the details that the show simply doesn’t have time to show. I am also not a book purist, that gets mad if the show doesn’t follow exactly the books. I know and realize books and TV are two totally different mediums and they have to adapt to survive. <3

I’ve always been very fond of Michelle Obama, so it’s no surprise I picked her biography up while I was grocery shopping a couple of weeks ago.
I only just started reading it and I absolutely LOVE IT.
Even though we come from very different backgrounds and grew up in very different places, being both born in 1964 we nonetheless share a slice of time that unites us. I can somehow relate in a few passage of hers.
One of it, for example. details how when she was little, she and her brother slept in the living room while her parents slept in the only bedroom. My sister and I also slept on a sofa bed in the living room while our parents slept in the only bedroom. I have more of these little surprising anecdotes that make me think I somehow “know her”. Thumbs up!

Love & Light,