Blog · May 26, 2015


wild_lockerdome_comFinally… yes, finally someone makes a movie from a book about survival I can sink my teeth into.

I knew when the movie “Wild” came out that I wanted to see it. I rarely go to the movies anymore (once or twice a year at best) so as soon as it was available on Netflix it was sitting in my mailbox.

I will preface this by saying that this is exactly the kind of book I live for-stories of survival. I am not your novel kinda gal, save for Outlander, I guess, but that’s more an exception than a rule, and it’s only because I am so obsessed about the TV series.
I’ve read many books that dance around the subject of survival in many ways, which help me a great deal and I find fascinating, from biographies to true stories of people that literally survived against all odds. My favorite one was from Henry Orenstein and his survival of the holocaust. I still cannot believe nobody made a movie out of that one. Shocking, truly.

When I heard about “Wild” I was intrigued. I also knew that I could not read the book BEFORE I saw the movie and I knew I was going to see the movie, so I started reading the book today after seeing the movie this past weekend and I am already liking it. I suppose the big question for me delving into this story is how walking for 94 days help anything besides giving you killer thighs, calfs to die for and a svelte figure?

Then I remembered something that is just at the core about being a woman. We just have to think about stuff. We have to think about each nuance, each detail, each minute little thing that is eating at us and it takes time to put stuff into prospective. It’s the self-introspection that walking alone for 3 months will do to you. One foot in front of the other, the only thing you CAN do is think… And it’s much better to do this journey of one’s mind while seeing the scenery continuously changing around us than sitting around in a room crying. I totally get it.

Unfortunately, this is the kind of soul-searching journey I cannot do. I have people to care for. I can’t just leave for 3 months. It matters little if I was hiking the PCT, which is in my backyard, or the Himalayas. I can’t get away like that. However, reading about what she went through perhaps might be useful to me, somehow.

Always searching for a way to deal with things, I guess…

Love & Light,