Blog · June 2, 2015

Everyone Matters

11082512_10152639170026512_4249512671573074696_nSometime ago I decided not to be angry anymore.

I didn’t want to be angry at EB and what it was doing to my son.

I was done blowing my lid over things I had no control over.

I was tired of being depressed all the time.

I was tired of being overwhelmed.

I was done with all of it.

I wanted to smile. I wanted to be happy. But how could I?

I was on a journey.

I was also tired about being offended at stupid crap that did not change my day to day life, and also done with defending my point of view about things. My beliefs are my beliefs, I don’t need to get into an argument with someone nor belittle anyone else for not having the same beliefs. This also meant I didn’t need to shout my beliefs through the rooftops to make sure they were heard. I no longer really cared who heard them. It mattered little who agreed with them or who didn’t. I also refused to hate anyone that did not have my same beliefs, which could be social, religious, political, or in any other form you can imagine.

Hatred had to have no place in my heart whatsoever.

I wanted to be known for what I loved, not for what I hated.

After my near-nervous breakdown 5 years ago I realized one simple thing: Everyone’s life matters. Everyone.

The life of disabled children matters.

The life of a baby that was stillborn or lived a few hours or days matters.

The life of poor people matters.

The life of anyone in the LGBT community matters.

The life of anyone on life support matters.

The life of anyone, no matter where they live, matters. To that point, the life of an “illegal” matters. An illegal is not an alien. It’s a human being in either devastating circumstances, or looking to improve their lives, which apparently were pretty bad if they choose to uproot. Or maybe they had a dream? Why would anyone hate dreamers? People of all nationalities live everywhere around the world. Americans live in Italy and Italians live in America. Millions of people have uprooted their lives to move somewhere else during the course of human history, starting from Homo Sapiens “invading” Neanderthal territory. It’s human nature. It will always happen. This is why my dear husband is mutt #23, with an ancestor in every country in Europe. It’s the story of our species.

I am not perfect, far from it. I am a work in progress, and I do relapse every now and again, but now I do catch myself. Anytime a thought about hatred surfaces, I stop it. Like a muscle, it gets stronger by using it.

As AD Williams stated so eloquently: “Imagine what seven billion humans could accomplish if we all loved and respected each other. Imagine.”

Love is the answer, no matter the question.