Blog · December 27, 2011

My Non-Celebrity Ghost Story

Last year I started watching a TV show called ‘Celebrity Ghost Stories’. I know what you’re thinking, especially the skeptics, but even if only 1% of these stories are true, it’s still a compelling argument for the paranormal. The most touching story I saw belonged to an Italian-American actor called Enrico Colantoni. I teared up watching it.

This show, which became a favorite of my Connor as well, gives credibility to a perplexing chain of events I briefly talked about in my other blog a couple of years ago ( Sometimes the answer to the question regarding these events ‘Am I crazy?’ is a resounding YES. Others I wonder why people seem perplexed when I retell the story. It’s not like I am inventing things. I could not ‘make up’ this stuff if I tried. So… here’s the story!

After I moved to a one bedroom apartment with Nicky (then only 2 years old) following my divorce in early 1999, apparently my guardian angel or a spirit of some sort decided they needed to protect me. One night as I was trying to go to sleep in my queen bed I felt as if someone had just lied next to me. I was petrified. I was alone in the apartment and Nicky was asleep. Who the heck just lied next to me? Ever so slowly I somehow mustered the courage to turn around to see who just got into my bed only to find… nothing. Nobody. I could still ‘feel’ someone there though, there was no doubt in my mind. The covers/pillow were not messed up or showed any weight on them, yet I could feel its presence. I don’t know how I fell asleep that night, but somehow I did, and this became a nightly occurence. About a minute or so after I turned off the TV and the lights… there it was. It would never happen if someone was in bed with me, like my husband or my son, but if I was by myself, it would not be a matter of ‘if’, but a matter of when. It became such a ‘normal’ thing that I could not fall asleep until this spirit lied next to me, it made me feel safe. I know, weird, but that’s just how it became. My husband also told me a story of how he felt an angel’s embrace when he was sleeping alone as well before we got married.

Up until this point it all felt very loving all around. I even asked a great friend of mine, who is a little psychic, if she felt anything about my nightly friend, and she did tell me that it was a lady in a flowery dress and lots of rings, who was coming to protect me. Protect me from what I don’t know, but I felt solace in that. I asked my mom and dad if we had any (dead) relative that wore flowery dresses or lots of rings and they could not recall, but I always felt my grandma (Nonna) Stella, my mom’s mom, who died of lung cancer (spread from breast cancer) in 1977 somehow part of my life from the great beyond. I had two different psychic people who never talked to nor know each other telling me they see my Alex (who was stillborn at full term) hanging out with my Nonna Stella as I always felt he would. Alex was the first descendant of my grandma that died so surely she was there to pick him up and take him to the other side. I even contacted the lady they did the show ‘Ghost Whisperer’ about and she told me that babies are always picked up and brought to the other side by a relative, so it all made sense. It could have only been my grandma Stella, as my other grandma was still alive. When Connor was a baby, I would often walk in the living room and notice the swing swinging by itself and then stop as I came in. According to my psychic friend, Alex and my Nonna played with that often.

Sometime in 2009 I was waiting for the spirit to lie in my bed when I heard noises on the corner of the bedroom, next to the door to the hallway. They were fairly loud, so loud in fact they startled me and I immediately thought Connor had come into the room. When the noises stopped and my eyes adjusted to the darkness of the room, it was clear there was nobody there. Finally a little light emerged from the area and it came closer to me, circling the bed and ending at the edge of the bed by my feet. It stopped for a couple of seconds and then it went down and disappeared. I was so spooked I told ‘it’ enough. I’ve watched enough paranormal shows to know you can talk to them and they listen and many times they obey, so I told ‘it’ that I appreciate the protection, but that from now on I didn’t want to see them, I didn’t want to feel them, I didn’t want to hear them, they can still ‘hang around’ if they want and keep protecting, without making their presence known. If they really want to let me know they are there, they could find other ways, such as making me ‘smell’ something or flicker the lights for a moment. I never felt its presence ever again, but I must admit I miss it. I know, maybe I am crazy afterall.

The only other time I felt the presence after that was the night before I wrote that blog, the presence was lying next to me as it used to do and when my husband came home from work I felt it get up and sit at the edge of the bed. After a couple of minutes it got up and left and that was that.

I haven’t seen lights ever since, smelled anything out of the ordinary, experienced flickering lights or felt its or ‘their’ presence ever since, and I like it that way. My plea to please don’t make their presence known worked. That does not mean that every now and then I don’t wish I knew they were around to protect us, especially Nicky, alas, whether I see them or not, Nicky FOR SURE has a guardian angel. I feel it in my bones.

Happy New Year everyone!!