Blog / What I'm Into · April 10, 2018

What I’m Into {April 2018 Edition}

What I am watching

I was looking for something to binge on Netflix last month and after watching the first 15 minutes of 3 different shows, I landed on Alias Grace and it immediately grabbed me. Alias Grace takes place in Canada in the 1840s and beyond, and tells the story of Grace Marks, a young, poor Irish immigrant and domestic servant who finds herself accused and convicted of a double murder. The actress that plays the role is riveting, and during the 6 episodes I got completely entranced in her story as she tells it to an American Psychiatrist. The end kinda baffled me, but it sure made sense!! A+

Nobody was happier than my husband and I for the return of Timeless  (on NBC) !!! Time Travel must be my favorite genre of shows of ours, which started with the 1960’s epic movie “The Time Machine” and was cemented with the Back to the Future franchise. Timeless follows the adventures of history professor Lucy, scientist Rufus  and soldier Wyatt as they attempt to stop a mysterious organization called Rittenhouse from changing the course of history in their favor through time travel. I like the way the show does not shy away from topics that involve how Lucy being a woman and Rufus being black affects how they are treated in different timelines. I also love how they discover the way the future was changed after they come back to the present while trying to stop what would be major changes in history. I hope this show keeps going. We love it and we learn more history as we watch. A+

What I am Reading

Last June I was finally able to visit the infamous island of Alcatraz in the bay area for the first time and I had the absolute pleasure to meet George DeVincenzi, who wrote a book about his experiences serving as a guard for 8 years on Alcatraz.
He’s 91 years old and when I asked him (since his last name is clearly Italian) if his parents or grandparents were the ones that came over from Italy, he said it was his parents, from Genova. He then proceeded in asking me (in Italian, nonetheless!!!) if I spoke Italian, LOL!
I find Italians everywhere and I loved this one! I got his book and he signed it for me!
I just started finally reading it a couple of weeks ago and it’s extremely interesting, full of photographs and stories, which include the Birdman and other famous inmates.
Thumbs up!

I mean… who can resist this juicy account? I make no apologies. I am certain I am not the only one who wants to know what’s happening to this country. This is a best seller afterall.
I am listening to the audiobook for this one, while I take my morning walk, so I should be done before the end of the month.

Other books I’ve read about the batshit crazy 2016 election are “What Happened” by Hillary Clinton &  “Insane Clown President” by Matt Taibbi. I have others that I want to read next, such as “Devil’s Bargain” by Joshua Green, “Chasing Hillary” by Amy Chozick & “The Destruction of Hillary Clinton” by Susan Bordo. One at a time I will read them all.

It’s not that I really want to get or even be political, I do not post about politics at all, and I don’t care to add negatively about the discussion, but everyone can plainly see this is a complete trainwreck of an administration, tweet after crazy tweet, and since I cannot do anything about it except to vote, might as well enjoy it and give my brain food for thought.

Love & Light,