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What I’m Into {July/August 2018 Edition}

What I am watching

I am a huge Trekkie as my friends know. I used to go to Star Trek conventions back in the early 90s! I am also, shall we say, an equal opportunity Trekkie. I like all Trek shows, movies, all the time, unlike my sweet hubby who is only a big fan of the original show. He’s watched the movies with me and a few of the Borg episodes of the Next Generation, but that’s about it.
This new show, Star Trek Discovery, became available on  CBS All Access late last year. It is now on DVD for those that do have it. I didn’t watch it right away simply because I am just spoiled with other shows that I stream, I love to BINGE! CBS all Access would release an episode per week, so I waited until the whole season was available to stream.
What to say about Discovery? It surprised me in many different ways! For one, it’s obvious they put some serious cash behind the show. For two… a character named Sylvia? I love it. For three… all the characters are incredibly interesting! I love Saru, love Lorca, love Paul the science officer and the whole premise. I don’t dislike Michael, the central character, but she seems a bit cold and distant to me. I am not sure why. Like I said, I don’t dislike her, but while I love the other characters, she leaves me a little “meh”. Season 2 hopefully will warm her up a bit!!!

I discovered “Anne of Green Gables” in 1979 when one of the major television networks in Italy aired the wonderful Japanese Anime “Anne of the Red Hair” (Anna dai Capelli Rossi) and I completely and utterly fell in love. I mean… I even own the DVDs of the whole anime series, that’s how much I loved it. I read the book, I even watched other shows, but nothing compared to the original cartoon I watched nearly 40 years ago. When I heard Netflix was going to remake the story for their network and called it “Anne with an E” I hoped and prayed it was good, and it was~! I just finished watching season 2 and it’s simply brilliant. That little actress is spectacular, really. Major thumbs up!!!

What I am Reading

It is not a secret that we’ve decided to move to Italy when my husband retires, slated at this point sometime between 2022-2024. I honestly cannot wait to be with my family again, and the boys cannot wait either. We’re already making plans for Connor to go to the Politecnico of Turin for his college years to pursue his Aerospace Engineer degree. I’ve read another book on the subject, called Living, Studying, and Working in Italy: Everything You Need to Know to Live La Dolce Vita, but this one seemed like one I should read. I only read the first few pages and it’s quite the fun read.
There are indeed many reasons why people move, after all, the American Dream is pretty much dead in the water the way this administration treats immigrants, legal and not, so many decide to try their fate elsewhere and there are plenty of testimonials in this book with detailed explanations on how to do it.
By all accounts, this is not going to be an easy thing to move half way around the world, so I want to be prepared. It’s not “just” the move itself, there are many things to consider. Citizenships, Taxes, property, banks, Retirement, Health Care… the list is long. But I am prepared and willing to do anything to make this move as smooth as possible.

Viva L’italia! <3

Robin Hood is an amazing man. No, not Robin of Loxley, the legendary heroic outlaw, but another hero, the father of a little girl with Epidermolysis Bullosa, the same condition my son Nicky has.

He dedicated his life to find a cure for his daughter’s condition, joining DebRA UK and traveling everywhere to spread the word and raise funds. Alex died at just 19 years-old after her condition lead to incurable skin cancer.

I read some really bad reviews about this book and I was heartbroken. I thought it was good. Yes, the third person and jumping around sometimes made it hard to read, but at the core this is the story of a father and his love for his daughter, and I really liked it.

Here’s a video that talks about Robin and his daughter Alex:

Love & Light,