Blog / What I'm Into · September 18, 2018

What I’m Into {September 2018 Edition}

What I am watching

I have a confession to make. I never watched the original “Lost in Space“. They never aired it in Italy when I was a kid, so there’s that. I catch my husband watch an episode here and there but to me it just looks so cheesy it’s unwatchable. I find that certain shows don’t age well if you didn’t watch them as a kid. I could watch the Original Star Trek or even Space 1999 until I am blue in the face and I love them, there’s that nostalgia factor, but futuristic shows that I never watched as a kid just do not stand the test of time in my view. So… I was excited about a reboot of Lost in Space with current special effects… and I was not disappointed!!! It’s really fantastic. Yes, some of the storylines are like… okkidokki…. but it was quite enjoyable in my view, all 10 episodes. I love the mom. She’s badass. I love the dad too… yummy! The little boy is great. The only character I just could not warm up to is the oldest daughter. I do not dislike her, just her personality of “holier than thou” rubs me the wrong way I guess. I want more!!! Where is season 2?

I had the TV on a few weeks ago, not really watching, and this show came on (this particular episode above with the twins) and as I walked by with the laundry it stopped me in my tracks. “My 600lb life” is a show that follows extremely obese people for years as they attempt to lose the weight and become healthier with the help of Houston’s Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, also known as Dr. Now. I am not sure why I find this show compelling, but I think it has to do with the fact that one of my biggest fears is becoming obese and perhaps my personal relationship with food. I understand the patients, sometimes I get teary eyed hearing their stories and watching their struggles. As I told my husband years ago, even though I know I have a handle on my cravings and I am certain I will never be fat because I know “how much” I can eat (I got counting calories down to a science), sometimes it scares me how much I love food. If at times I eat too much on one day, the next I am perfectly fine eating a big salad with a can of tuna. The good thing is that I love vegetables a lot too. My saving grace I think.
Another thing I find fascinating about the show is the problems with excess skin that persist even though the weight loss is significant, which leads the patients to need surgeries for removal. I know a little about that because due to my 2 c-sections I have a “hanging” belly that drives me nuts no matter how skinny I am. I don’t like surgeries though, and I wouldn’t do a removal unless I was already having surgery for something in that area already. In these patient’s cases though, the excess skin makes my little hanging skin something to laugh about. It gives me perspective. I am catching back up, watching one season at a time, rooting for each one of them!

Agatha Christie’s Ordeal by Innocence” was something that Entertainment Weekly recommended and their description intrigued me. It also starred Eleanor Tomlinson (which I love from Poldark) and Matthew Goode from Downton Abbey. It’s also only 3 episodes so I figured I’d give it a try. What I found was a very dysfunctional family. All the children are adopted and when the matriarch is killed, the youngest one is blamed…. framed. The third episode was so full of events that I was on the edge of my seat. Loved it!!!

What I am Reading

I lived in Arizona for 11 years, from January 1989 until January 2001, so I’ve always known a lot about John McCain as he was the Senator there since 1987, and a Representative in Congress from 4 years prior, this is before I even myself knew anything about politics or, frankly, even cared. Those were the days! The days where it was okay not to care.

When he ran for President in 2000 I wished and hoped he won the nomination instead of George W. Bush. By then I was a Democrat for my own many reasons, so I wouldn’t have voted for him, but to me it felt “safe” having him as a President had he won because I knew he was a decent, hard working man who knew what the right thing to do was. If he had won, I would have been fine.
In 2008 the only turnoff was his running mate. I can’t even pronounce her name without gagging. She ruined it for him and brought the kind of discourse to this country that we’re still suffering today with that nightmare we have in office. Still, that does not diminish the fact that I always LOVED John McCain. When I heard he wrote a book, I just had to pick it up, and I am listening to it right now as I take my morning walk. So far I am intrigued and I love him even more than I did before. His views on torture are right on point and fascinating to read. Can’t wait to finish it.

Love & Light,