Blog · May 15, 2018

A Note to my Sons

Just a couple of days ago, on Mother’s Day, I received the sweetest card from my son Connor, who is 14 years old. He made me cry. He thanked me for taking such good care of Nicky and for teaching him strength. This is just part of his card:
“Through all you have been through, I’m speechless and all I can say is to never EVER give up. Most mothers if they were to go through what you have gone through, they would have a breakdown every week if not everyday. So thank you for being strong. Thank you for being tough. And thank you for always being MY loving mother <3”

In response, I am writing this blog to let both my sons know how I feel about them.

  • Always feel like you’re a joyful priority, you are my world, the reason I get up in the morning, my loves, my life.
  • Please know that I recognize that you are separate from me. I will never push my wishes or expectations on you. I simply want your happiness.
  • It’s very important to me how you feel. Your joy is my joy, your worries are my worries, your sadness is my sadness.
  • I hope you will always feel safe and comfortable in sharing with me your feelings, thoughts and ideas. No matter what.
  • Always feel the love and respect I have for you and I hope that I have done my job in teaching you the ways of the world and I hope to have taught you how to have the wisdom to distinguish when others are not treating you with love and respect who should be.
  • For Nicky: I am so proud on the way you are positively living with this illness and functioning. They should issue medals for people like you, along with the steady stream of medications!
    Please know that I notice how you are so much wiser than your years. I take pride in your strength, emotional growth and resilience. You’re my hero because of your sweet disposition, your courage, determination, bravery and perseverance. Never feel as if your existence is a burden to me. EVER!
  • For Connor: Words cannot describe what your birth meant to me. Before you were born I felt like a failure. I failed your brothers when one was stillborn and one was born with EB. But you being born healthy gave me the confidence and the realization that no matter who we are or what condition we are born with, we all have a purpose, we are all important. Thank you for being such a great brother and a great son. You make me proud every day. Thank you for being you.

I love you with all my heart!

Love & Light,