Blog / Silvia's Blog Quotes · February 27, 2018

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The contradiction of it all is that parents of special need children find their strength not truly in themselves, but through their love for their child.

If this election cycle has taught me anything is how to raise my standards. I see people go so low it’s disgraceful. If any of us are going to be able to raise above and become better versions of ourselves, the work is within.

 My tear ducts spontaneously go on overdrive when I remember that beautiful, horrible day that I held my stillborn baby.

Mothers of stillborn babies like myself don’t want anything crazy, just for everyone to recognize this as the profound loss that it is.

I can go most days without a single thought of Alex, but this unspeakable loss is “there”, woven in my psyche in ways impossible to accurately describe.

Many of the things I do to keep Nicky healthy are a kind of delicate card castle. If one card slips, the whole structure will come tumbling down – one bad virus or infection could threaten his life.