Blog / What I'm Into · May 15, 2020

What I’m Into {Spring 2020 Edition}

What I am watching

I must admit… I am not watching many “new” shows (to me) lately. I’ve been mostly watching “new” seasons of shows I love, such as Outlander, Call the Midwife, Star Trek Discovery & When Calls the Heart. However, there is always something new that is amazing that I must talk about… so… here we go!

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Star Trek Picard

If there was one show that I was extremely excited to watch it’s Star Trek Picard! Both my sisters and I have a kind of love affair with Star Trek altogether, so to see a “continuation” of “The Next Generation” we were all in! Of course this show, along with all other Treks is on CBS All Access, so I had to subscribe. Ugh! Anyhoo… what can I say about Picard? It didn’t disappoint in the least. I love all the guest stars from other treks and from TNG and the story was truly quite interesting all around!!
Five Stars!!

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Making the Cut

I just finished watching “Making the Cut” on Amazon last night and was happy with who won, but the show… I don’t know. There are some things that I LOVED and others… not so much. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy it, but it seemed to me there were a lot of things that felt awkward.
The Pluses: Heidi and Tim! I love them. Traveling to Paris and Tokyo. The designers having seamstresses. The collections available on Amazon!! All amazing.
The Negatives: The designs coming down the runaway. Maybe there was too much black, too much bland, too much I would never wear in a million years… the clothes were just blah. Another blah were some of the judges… I won’t name names, but the only one I really liked was Nicole Richie (and Heidi, of course). which is unusual because that’s not usually one of my gripes.
Still worth watching for fans of Project Runway!!

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Dublin Murders

This is not the kind of show I would normally watch, but Dublin Murders on Starz came with such stellar reviews I figured I’d watch the first episode and see… what gripped me was the mystery of it all. Maybe too many mysteries? Mysteries within mysteries? All in all a good show, but the finale disappointed me because not all mysteries were solved, LOL.
Season 2, where are you?
Thumbs up!

What I am Reading

I am always reading a biography, and when this one of Olivia Newton John came out late last year I knew I was going to HAVE to read it!
Don’t Stop Believin’” is really a great read.
I am 3/4 of the way through at this point and it’s really enjoyable. I always love to get the “backstory” of things I adore, such as how she got the part in Grease and how it was like filming, or how some of her songs came about, such as how “Let’s Get Physical” ended up becoming such an anthem. Just a lot of fun and interesting. Thumbs up!

Love & Light,