Blog / What I'm Into · August 14, 2019

What I’m Into {Summer 2019 Edition}

What I am watching

The Spanish Princess

The fact that I was going to watch The Spanish Princess on STARZ was a given! This is basically the “sequel” to “The White Queen” (about the life of Elizabeth Woodwille, wife of Edward IV) and “The White Princess” (about the life of Elizabeth of York, daughter of Elizabeth Woodwille, who married Henry VII). These are all historical novels written by Philippa Gregory. The Spanish Princess is Catherine of Aragon, first wife of the infamous Henry VIII, son of Elizabeth of York. The episodes center around her arrival in England to marry Henry’s older brother Arthur. When Arthur dies months after their nuptials Catherine schemes to marry Henry to maintain her previous status of future Queen of England. While I did love the show, I still think the original White Queen was much better, more “intense”, so to speak. Nonetheless, five stars!


I remember clearly when my mom told me I shouldn’t come and visit her in Italy in 1987 because of the Chernobyl disaster and the fear of radiation throughout Europe. I went anyway because I didn’t hear of it being “that bad”, and ironically, while radiation didn’t officially made it to Italy (Western Italy where my family lives, not that I know of anyway), it was indeed “that bad”. When I heard of this show that depicted what “really happened” on HBO I was all over it.
This show was sombering. It was indeed, a horrible event. Much worse than any of us realized due to the lies the Russian government told everyone. I love to learn about history this way. Visually it’s quite vivid. A must see.

Gentleman Jack

I didn’t know if I was going to like this show called “Gentleman Jack” on PBS about the life of Anne Lister, a landowner which is often called “the first modern lesbian”. But… I loved it. Being a lesbian was dangerous because at the time, in the early 1800s in England, they would hang them if found. At least the men. Anne kept secret coded diaries which were only decoded in the 1930s about her relationships, and I must admit, this woman is fierce! She’s strong and adventurous and interesting. I hope they will have a second season! I love it!

What I am Reading

I wish I would have read this book years and years ago… like 20!
Aside that, I really think this is a great book, certainly a must read for any special need mom. I know what kept me sane is to try to do things for myself and this book shows you how. The authors did clearly a lot of research and collected feedback from over 500 mothers across North America from various backgrounds, family dynamics and different disabilities. This book is jam-packed with practical strategies, advice, and reassurance for mothers trying to create more manageable and fulfilling lives.

Love & Light,