I remember vividly being pregnant with my first baby, Alex. Finally my dream of becoming a mom was coming true. I waited an elated 9 months for his arrival, and on the day after he was due we found out he had died in utero. He was stillborn 2 days later. Seven months after that unthinkable loss I miscarried a baby girl at 8 weeks. Thirteen months after that I finally held Nicky. He was a bundle of warmth that feltRead More →

I was talking to my cousin the other day and I asked him if he was as happy as I was to have grown up in a world without computers. He concurred. And while we were actually discussing life in general, the one thing that came to mind after our talk is how the internet has changed friendships and the relationships we have with people in general On one hand, it’s fabulous. I was able to find old friends fromRead More →