Blog · May 14, 2015

I am Beverly Goldberg

snuggle monsterNicky has a new favorite show as of late, it’s the 80s revival show titled “The Goldbergs” and when I asked him why he liked it so much (I know why I like it… it’s all that 80s stuff!) he told me it was because… well, Beverly Goldberg is me, I am her. We are one and the same. “Really?” I asked him… “Yes, really”, he said, giggling.

It really wasn’t until he told me this that I had to stop and think about it. Hmmm… Ok, so, we’re both blondes. Check. We both love snuggies. Check. We both will walk through coal for our kids. Check. While I do think she’s a little over the top-still, it dawned on me that the Principal at the Middle School Nicky went to was afraid of me, so… hmmm…

I can also relate to the fact that Beverly is trying to get kisses and snuggies from her teenagers, which can be a tricky thing. Connor, at 11.5 years of age, is distancing himself and it’s just crushing to me. Sometimes if he can’t sleep on a night when his dad works late, he will come to my bed and he snuggles with me until he falls asleep. I cherish that. I enjoy every morsel of it, because I know that only too soon he will do just about anything BUT come and snuggle with mommy. Of course I will always have Nicky, but with his EB and all, while he will never in a million years refuse a snuggle and he even requests them, I can’t really hug him tight like I would like to.

Just recently I started a “passage fee” or “thank you fee” for anything, especially with Connor (although my husband enjoys this as well). My fee is a kiss or a snuggie. Yes, Connor, I will sign your planner, but I need my “fee” first. Here’s your dinner Connor, where is my “fee”?

CEbmhoPW8AA69Z-I guess there are worse things of being Beverly Goldbergs, and that is a mom who doesn’t care, right? That will never be me!

Snuggies everyone!