Blog · March 17, 2015



I know for many, the thought of an “afterlife” or the idea that our soul survives is not something they believe in or even contemplate, but for me, it has become an absolute certainty. I’ve lost count of all the little things that have happened over the years that leave no doubt on the subject. Balls of lights in my bedroom, Alex’s photo falling on his birthday, a strange presence laying next to me in bed, feeling as if I was being hugged one night I was feeling particularly bad… and on and on…

I’ve had my share of encounters to know this is not my imagination, and a psychic I went to confirmed a few things without knowing anything about me. I mean, this woman knew the layout of my living room and told me things there was no way she could have known. I guess I feel so alone, and I miss my family in Italy so much that I crave any sort of encounter now, if not alive, then dead, whatever. Anyone will do, seriously!!! I wish I could “converse” with someone on the other side like Elisa does with her son Erik (, her blog has helped me so much.

I was thinking today that perhaps I’d like more interaction from my loved ones from the “other side”. No, I am not going crazy. Or perhaps I am, who knows. All I know is that every now and again, when I least expect it, strange things happen to let me know that someone is there for me. Unseen, unheard, but surely felt.

I was standing by the couch last night changing channels on the TV when I feel a gentle caress on my shoulder. I smiled… thinking it was Connor. He does this sort of thing, although usually he’s not so gentle. I turned around only to see Connor across the room-no way he could have made it that far in that little time. As I was startled thinking “what the heck touched me then if it wasn’t Connor”, the XM radio we have turned on by itself. There was definitely a presence in the room, although I wished I knew who it was. One of my grandmas? Alex? Greg’s mom perhaps? Greg has experienced the XM radio turning on by itself twice, while at the same time the lights going on and off on the treadmill. As he’s asking questions to his mom, the treadmill responds with more lights.

I guess this whole notion that our soul survives on the other side helps me realize that I need to make the most out of this life and never take my health and my family for granted. Every day is precious. I’ve got work to do… love to spread, people to meet, places to see, make some sort of difference.

When it’s all said and done, if all I accomplished in this lifetime is that I loved and took care of my family and raised even a little of EB awareness… my job is done.

Sending love and light to everyone…